TEHRAN, July 16 (RIPIA) -- Iran’s Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has successfully developed as system for continuously blending crude oil and petroleum products.

Blending of crude oil and petroleum products plays a key role in various sectors of the industry. Crude oil blending is often undertaken to increase the sale price or process-ability of a lower grade crude oil by blending it with a higher grade, higher price crude. The objective is to produce blended crude oil to a target specification at the lowest cost using the minimum higher cost crude oil.

RIPI has long been seeking acquisition of the required technologies for developing the system domestically.

Supplying quality feedstock to refineries across the country and guaranteeing the quality of products while diversifying petroleum products produced at refineries are the major goals envisages in development of the system.

A senior official with the institute, Dr. Soroud Zahedi Abghari, says the system allows production of various petroleum feedstock and their optimum blending aimed at production of quality products.

He also said the system also enables specification of petroleum items and oil cuts by relying on certain basic specifications.



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