Representatives from the department of Research and Development of Nalco Company in Iran paid a visit to the Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), during which the two sides held a seminar session to consider the pros and cons of various assessment methods of hydrate inhibitors with the aim of furthering cooperation in the technical exchange of the assessment methods of LDHI.

In alignment with the joint cooperation between RIPI and South Pars Oil and Gas Company in the areas related to the assessment of the commercial inhibitors of consumable LDHI in the sea lanes of the South Pars region, Parslian- which is the official agency of Nalco in Iran- has sent a sample to RIPI.

Alfred Hiss, representative of the company, having previous experience of working for Total Company, works as a Total Testing designer in codification and development of guidelines of the laboratorial method which RIPI has recently adopted in agreement with South Pars Oil and Gas Company in order to assess the commercial inhibitors of LDHI.

Content with the meeting as well as conversant with the capabilities of RIPI as a reference lab in assessment of the commercial inhibitors of LDHI in the real conditions of transmission lines, the representative of Nalco Company pinned his hopes on laying the groundwork for further scientific cooperation with RIPI in this field from now on.


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