The first assembly of the specialized panels of experts affiliated with the institute of gas sweetening and treating was held in the presence of officials from the panels of experts as well as a number of representatives from research and technology management, partner universities, deputy operations and refining companies so as to go through the required technical know-how for gas sweetening and treating in the Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI).

Ministry of Petroleum inked 12 memoranda of understanding (MOUs) in the areas of downstream petrochemicals, gas, and refining in the past year which resulted in the foundation of 12 specialized institutes, with RIPI charged with the very task of the institute of gas sweetening and treating.

The assembly aimed to bring all members of the specialized panels of experts together in order for employers and representatives of the institute to present an account of the progress of activities. Each one of the panels of experts separately held meetings on technical issues and priorities for different areas.  


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