The plan of collaborating with non-resident Iranian scientists and professionals is implemented by the Research Center of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) in cooperation with the Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology in order to make use of scientific resources and transfer of knowledge, experience, and technological ideas to the country.

Pointing out that RIPI as a center for non-resident Iranian professionals and scientists has initiated its collaboration with the Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology, Dr. Flora Shayegh, Head of RIPI’s Innovation and Technology, said, “Implementation of the plan in specific science and technology centers nationwide gives rise to a close collaboration between domestic experts and overseas graduates in the form of supporting scientific and research programs such as post-doctoral studies, research opportunities program, short and long-term technology projects, and arrangements for holding lectures and specialized workshops with the participation of professors”.

The plan aims to help foster development of science, lay the foundations for bringing in and developing state-of-the-art technologies in the country, lay the groundwork for bringing in techniques, skills, mechanisms and modern service capabilities through the agency of non-resident Iranian researchers, and also stimulate their interest to return to Iran”, he said.

“RIPI has formed a specialized panel of experts to study and give a general description of the scientific and research activities of those who have registered for the intended areas of the institute,” Dr. Shayegh concluded.


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