In consistent with the RIPI’s strategic plans and the educational needs at various departments of the oil industry in the country, the research institute of petroleum industry has provided an educational schedule for the academic year of 2014It consists 458 course categories, and aims to train and develop the intellectual properties, improve the employees’ individual and collective performance and also to increase their knowledge, expertise and skill. The educational schedule has the following unique features:

  • Benefitting from the ability of specialists, experienced faculty members and research and industrial experiences, with the aim of  providing appropriate grounds for transferring and exchanging the technical knowledge of learners and instructors

  • Using the results of carried out  research plans in research and industrial projects and laboratory operation in design of educational plans

  • Focus on the practical, applied and scientific features of educational plans together with laboratory operations and application of specialized software

  • Merging the syllabuses with training content so as to make it purposeful and create logical order in presentation and design of the educational programs and to improve the learning process

  • Creation of suitable training climate using modern laboratory and software equipment, and effective use of modern educational technologies and provision of textbooks and booklets

  • Flexibility in presentation of training services for special courses needed in various industries

  • Gradual omission of less efficient instructions and developing advantage-building ones within upstream pedagogical groups including nanotechnology, biotechnology, interdisciplinary and etc

  • Employing a scientific and comprehensive system of evaluation as well as effectiveness of programs based on the most recent scientific methods, with the aim to standardize them and get the feedback on the results of previous programs

  • Offering certificate of course completion with registered validity (quality standards series) confirmed by national, international industries and private centers

The characteristic of the educational schedule for the year 2014 is the satisfaction resulted from achieving strategic planning results over the last four years in order to develop specialized trainings on pivotal capabilities and specific educational needs which are available on the official website of the research center. 



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